Sunday, March 19, 2017

Many Benefits of Online Fax for Small Business

The fax machine was once a staple of any productive office environment. Today, these bulky machines are disappearing rapidly, but their functionality is still very important. The need to send secure, high quality documents hasn’t disappeared. Modern offices have simply found a better way to get the job done. Online faxes have a wealth of benefits to offer, making them a compelling alternative. Want to know the history of fax machines and the benefits modern version of online fax machines? Continue reading below.

A Brief History of Fax Machine

Though you probably picture fax machines as something similar to printers, this technology actually predated the telephone. The idea for the fax machine originated in the 1840s. By 1865, the French were using a pentelegraph machine that transmitted images over great distances. Transmissions were sent between Paris and Lyon, later extending to Marseille.

With the rise of the telephone, fax technology was refined to use telephone wires to convey images. The technology steadily improved over subsequent decades. The telephotography machine was used in the early 1900s to fax photographs for newspaper publication. In 1955, the first radio fax transmission travelled across the continent. Xerox released the first commercial fax machine in 1964, and by 1966 office workers could easily transmit documents from one location to another. Fax technology today is an office staple that employees are familiar with and feel comfortable using.


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